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♥ Indian Food in the Ghetto

(pic from Monkeyone)
Located on 30-07 34th St. Astoria, NY 11103

 Nearest Transportation:  30 Av (N, Q) || Astoria Blvd (N, Q) || Broadway (N, Q)

 In the neighborhood of Astoria! Kinda ghetto, but it's NY .... can't really complain :]

 I love the atmosphere INSIDE-- very peaceful, nicely decorated with very 
dim lights at night, and extremely hip for youngsters

My friend and I were extremely hungry and didn't know what to order! So we placed our bets on the Sampler Platter which included everything on the appetizer section: the Vegetable Samosa Chicken Samosa, Pakora, Lamb Spring Roll There were only two of us eating, so this so-call "appetizer" acted almost as our whole meal! All of them were "interesting" and somewhat different from my normal taste, so I can't really rate it! However, the lemon-cilantro dip was extraordinary good! Tips: This will be good for a party of 4 or more! Each should sample a little of this and that, before the entrees!

Masaka Crab Cakes (Lump meat, garam masala, mint, lemon-cilantro dip) was OKAY! Nothing special, but the sauce is to die for.  Maybe i will give this a [2.4 / 5]

 5 stars for the garlic bread with the lemon-cilantro dip!!!! soooo YUMMMMY! 

Green chili chicken with hot green chilis, garam masala, and ginger-garlic sauce. NOTE this item is always spicy! This was good! But it's extremely spicy and heavy!  
Ratings [ 3.8 / 5]

Chicken Tikka Masala Clay, an oven cooked white meat with light cream tomato sauce, is soooooooooooo good! I had better indian curry in California, but I'm guessing this would be heaven for the New Yorkers! I was bloated from the garlic bread and appetizers, but this was so GOOD! that I forced myself to finish this delicious curry + their rice!! 
Ratings [4.2/5]

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