Friday, August 17

♥ Hu Tieu Thanh Xuan

Brunch with my favorite GF,

We were craving for some Vietnamese food (again) and definitely something soupy! I showed Thao this little joint across from The Asian Garden Mall. This place has been here forever, but recently changed management or owners. So they have this promotion "4-dollar" house special Hu Tieu. I meant, for  4 dollar, this will fill you put pretty quickly! This is TOTALLY the true meaning of bang for the buck! With the new management, the kitchen is MUCH CLEANER! I remembered, I used to slip back and forth while going to the restroom (back with the old management). Also, it's cheaper with the new menu--they cut back some unnecessary dishes and prices. THUMB UP! However, I like the food from the old management better--somehow it was more flavorful

Location: 9191 Bolsa Ave Ste 104-105 Westminster, CA 92683
Phone Number: (714) 890-0223

Hu Tieu Thanh Xuan Nuoc: (3.3/4) You have an option of eating this "dry" or "soupy." Thao wanted the soupy version. The "soup" has all the meat and seafood that the "dry" version has except the special sauce.

 Hu Tieu Thanh Xuan Kho: (3.5/4) I prefer the "dry" version better because of the 
extra sauce and a bowl of soup on the side.

Hu Tieu Thanh Xuan's sauce is amazing--a mixture of tomatoes and shrimps. 
However, the soup is fully of MSG! So if you are allergic, stay away from any soup!

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