Friday, May 4

♥ 85 Degree Bakery

My Overall Ratings: 3.5/5
Review: Sunflower

Seriously, it is all about the hype again! 85 Degree Bakery is originated from Taiwan! Ironically, no one really go to 85 Degree back in Taiwan, but everyone is crazy about this place in the States! The lines are no joke! Last time I was there, I literally waited for 30 minutes to get in. I feel like, I'm lining up for Black Friday and for some fancy purse place. They always have different types of breads, but try them all to judge! Personally, I think this place is just okay! It just happened to have a pretty interior design and located in the hippest plaza in Irvine.

(3/5 Ratings) Taro Bread

(4.3/5 Ratings) Blueberry Cream Cheese. 
 One word "Amazing!"

The tray for my hungry tummy :]

P.S. Did I mention? I got in trouble for taking pictures inside the store! Somehow, I managed to snap some images while they weren't looking!!!  Pat myself on the shoulder for that :]]]]

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