Wednesday, May 2

♥ For My Sweet Tooth

My Overall Ratings: 4.3/5
Review: Sunflower

M&M Donuts is like a undiscovered , hidden gem--been there forever and just got recognized recently. I've been eating here longggggg before the "hype." This place almost shut down a few times, but stuck around in hope for a miracle.  Well, the miracle was Yelp!!! Yelp helped it (A LOT actually...) and made it a hype among youngsters.  It is owned by the oldest and cutest couple! They are very old and slow, therefore, it takes them some time to prepare the orders. I hate waiting, but I don't mind waiting for this couple :]

 (4.3/5 Ratings) The Blueberry Donuts! I waited 30 minutes 
for two blueberry donuts and it's totally worth it!!!!

The glaze is amazing! AND
Be ready to wait!!! Beware of the long line!!!!

 Their donuts are not very heavy and it has a good amount
 of blueberries and sweetness with a little bit of crisp from the glaze

- Enjoy the Best BLUE BERRY
 DONUTS in Orange County

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