Tuesday, May 15

♥ An Eccentric Atmosphere

Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/cafe-hiro-cypress
My Overall Ratings: 4.2/5
Review: Sunflower + Thanh

Here is their menu: Lunch | Dinner | Dessert | Wine | Drinks

Since I'm getting old, clubbing is a big NO NO! I'd rather catch up with old friends over dinner--a meal and a glass of Pinot would be perfect! I randomly found this place on my facebook and decided to give it a spin! I was expecting an authentic Japanese restaurant due to the name, "Cafe Hiro." But this restaurant WOWed me with their eccentric design. The walls are painted with tribal looking suns, the tablecloths are influenced by the Italians, the foods are very Westernized, and the workers are, of course, Japanese. As I sat down, I laughed a little to a pair of chopsticks that was arranged with the silver forks, knifes, and spoons! Overall, I really like this restaurant cuz it gives a very French(y) atmosphere. 

P.S. Surprisingly, every SINGLE table orders a glass or bottle of wine. That was very usually!!

Salad: 3.5/5
Come with the Duck Entree. The sauce is perfect,
but nothing extraordinary.

Creamy Crab Cake: 3.8/5 
Very expensive crab cake! It's good if it was 3/4 dollars,
but not 6 dollars. Overall, I had better crab cakes for way cheaper.

Sea Urchin "Uni" Spaghetti: 4/5
All the Yelpers talked and raved about it, so I had to order 
one for myself. And yes! Yelpers finally got something RIGHT!
This dish is delicious in its own way. Thanh, my date, didn't think it was amazing at first, 
but the more she ate, the more she liked it! TIPS: Mix the Wasabi
evenly with the noodles to have an extra kick to your taste.

Pork Cutlet Curry: 4.1/5
I love curry! Therefore, I'm very picky on what I eat! This curry could have
been a 5-star dish, but the rice and 'curry sauce' didn't do it justice. The rice and curry
 sauce were good, but nothing special! I can, basically, get the curry sauce anywhere. One thing, I'm so obsessed about this dish is the Pork Cutlet! It's so soft and tender! 
Next time, I will just order the pork cutlet by itself!

Soup: 3/5 
This soup comes with the Duck entree. It's decent.

Duck Entree with rice: 3.9/5
about the rice, but the duck meat is to die for.

Custom order-- Duck with vegetable: 4.6/5 
 Thanh and I loved it so much, so we decided to custom made our 2nd Duck order! 
We substituted the rice (which was good, but got really heavy with the cheese after
 a few bites) with vegetables. BEST DUCK MEAT EVER!!!! A bite of the duck meat 
and a sip of red wine completed my world! We were very satisfied 
with this dish. We will (or I will by myself) be back for more.

Here is my date, Thanh :] and
CHEERS to the wonderful things in life :] 

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