Sunday, May 6

♥ Sushi-licous

My Overall Ratings: 3.5/5
Review: Sunflower

Hey Everyone,
How was your weekend?? Well, I hope your weekend was filled with lots of love and happiness. This weekend, I got to try lots of different types of food! I can't wait to share it with you guys :] 

Sake and Hot Tea

(3.1/5 Ratings) Chicken Teriyaki, Salad, and Tempura Combination is pretty cheap for its size. The Tempura and Salad were good., but the chicken was chewy and unflattering! Just a typical dish! 

(4.2/5 Ratings) Baked Scallop was amazing! Full of flavor and scallops!

(3.2/5 Ratings) Hawaiian Roll is just okay!  The tuna (on top) was the best part

(2.9/5 Ratings) The Crunchy Roll here is just ok! I had better crunchy roll where else.

(3.5/5 Ratings) Salmon Baked Roll was decent! But I got tired after 4 rolls :]

(4.2 / 5 Ratings) Full Moon Roll was the BEST that night! A must-try item on the menu

The place is very cute and the service is decent! The food is good for its price! However, the tables are kinda sticky!!! But I did enjoyed my experience there and will come back for more sushi! 

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