Saturday, May 12

♥ Killin' Me Softly With Sprinkles

My Overall Ratings: 4.4/5
Review: Sunflower

Sprinkles is killing my "body" softly with its cupcakes. No doubt, my dream body can never be established if I live 25 mi. radius of Newport. Sad to say, good things only come from sugar! And yes! there are lots of sugar in these cupcakes. 

Sprinkles was originated from Beverly Hills and stole America's heart in just a few years. I love everything about Sprinkles--the customer service is outstanding, the cupcakes are fresh and delicious, and the design is very modern and clean.

Everything is displayed in the wooden counters. Some flavor might not be displayed,
so ask the cashier if something is out of sight.

They even sell cupcake mix for all flavors

There is the address! Enjoy the BEST CUPCAKES in orange county

Yellow :: Banana | Red :: Red Velvet | Pink :: Vanilla | Coconut Sprinkles

4.2/5 Ratings :: Banana 
      4.0/5 Ratings :: Red Velvet  
  4.2/5 Ratings :: Vanilla    
  4.3/5 Ratings :: Coconut 

- Enjoy Your Sweets :]

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