Friday, May 4

♥ Dumplings From Heaven

My Overall Ratings: 4.2/5
Review: Sunflower

If you want to go here, plan ahead!!!!!!!! The lines are long and insane! Don't go during lunch or dinner hours because it's impossible to get in.  I usually go between 1-4pm--plenty of open seats and no noisy people. 

5 stars for the Vinegar here

 (4.2/5 Ratings) The Juicy Pork Dumplings, their signature, is well known in both China and North America! These dumplings are seriously made from heaven!!! 0.8 points is being deducted because the dumplings get cold so easily (more like in 5 minutes). They used to serve these dumplings in bamboo containers, but the health department didn't allow it anymore. Now, they serve these in cheap metal/silver containers. So, the heat doesn't hold in as well and the dumplings get cold in an instant! I don't blame the restaurant due to strict regulations. However, they need to find better containers.

I've tried the one in Toronto, Canada! I have to say, Toronto wins! Because, the one in Toronto still uses bamboo containers, so the dumplings are hot and juicy for almost 30 minutes. Happy :]

Be careful when it's hot, the juice will squirt into your mouth

(3/5 Ratings) Next, on my list is the Braised Beef Noodle!
 It's was okay, nothing special, but still very tasty.

The beef is very soft, the vegetables complement 
the broth, and the noodle is not too soggy.

(4.6/5 ratings) The Sate Pork Wonton is HEAVEN! 
The sate sauce is so rich and deep with the taste of
 garlic, lemongrass, and pepper seeds.

Sorry to break the bubble, Toronto has the better dish :]

(4.5/ Ratings) The Taro Dumplings for dessert is magical! 
Seriously, why would you want to go to heaven when heaven is already here!?
 I love love love these taro dumplings!!!!!

- Happy Dumplings Day

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