Friday, May 11

♥ Late Night Cravings

My Overall Reactions: 4.4/5
Review: Sunflower

The main reason that I'm gaining weight cuz I eat wayyy too much for my size! And I munch way too much at night. Usually, I "try" not to eat after 8pm, so I can digest properly. But tonight, I was craving for meat, so decided to visit Guy Ka Ku. I absolutely love their Happy Hour Menu, especially the ALL YOU CAN EAT.  I arrived at around 10:30pm, so didn't want to stuff myself with the AYCE course.  So, I got each dish individually.
(You can view the happy hour menu in pdf, here.)

(3/5 Ratings) Spicy Cabbage Salad was too salty! Next time, I will ask the chef to put less of the spicy pepper sauce. Nothing special about this dish, but I order this every time cuz it seems to complement with the meat.

(4/5 Ratings) Hawaiian Ahi Poke was delicious! When tasted the tuna, my eyes burst in tears! How can something be soo delicious and is soo inexpensive!? No soy sauce is needed, the dish is already seasoned to have that sweet and sour taste to it.

(5/5 Ratings) Mushroom Medley is soooo amazing! No words can described how delicious this dish is! If Usher went there, he would be singing "OMG" the whole night.  

 (2.6/5 Ratings) Calamari was decent! I had better at many places.

(2/5 Ratings) Fried Cheese Wonton was a disappointment! 
They should take this dish off their menu!!! NOW!!!! This was NOT memorable at all.

 (3.7/5 Ratings) Yummy Brown RICE :]

 (4.2/5 Ratings) Bristro Harami Miso is amazing! All of the meat portions
are very small! If you a big eater, I recommend getting the ALL YOU CAN EAT course.

 (4.2/5 Ratings) Kalbi chuck is also delicious. I can't really describe the taste, 
but this is one of their popular dishes.

 (4/5 Ratings) New York Steak is, also, one of my favorite meat.

(5/5 Ratings) Hands down for the Lychee Sorbet With Plum Wine!  
I finished off with the best dessert EVER :]

 I love the design! But the service can be a miss or a hit!

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