Tuesday, May 8

♥ The Tucked Away Gulf

Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/thai-gulf-huntington-beach
My Overall Ratings: 3.2 / 5
Review: Sunflower

Thai food has always been my favorite--maybe it's the spiciness or it's very closely related to Vietnamese food. I'm always and constantly checking out new places to quench my Thai-food hunger! Looking around on Yelp, I found this new and very popular place--Thai Gulf! Let me tell you, this is officially the hardest place to find using the GPS! It is tucked away behind buildings and is faced directly away from the street view! Oh boy, it was hard to find this! When I got there, a long line of people were waiting outside of the restaurant! I left, and decided to give it another try when it's less crowded! I came back again, again, and again! And it was still crowded! Finally, we made it!! We came here before closing, and there was one open table. Because I was literally stalking this place, my expectations were pretty high! And again, I was disappointed by the Yelp reviews and the wait. Though the food is not up to par, I do adore the sincere workers.

  • Free: 1st glass of THAI TEA for everyone one
  • Free: FRIED BANANAS for lunch
  • Free: GREEN TEA ICE CREAM for dinner

(3.0/5 Ratings) This Thai Tea was too diluted if you know what i mean! I barely can taste the milk or the tea. But, it was pretty good for being completely FREE :]

(3/5 Ratings) The Pineapple Fried Rice was A-okay! Nothing special and nothing less. I feel like it's like a home cook meal here--very down to Earth and very casual. The weird thing is, I TO-GO this home, and somehow it tasted 10 times better the next day. Maybe, I was full from the breakfast and lunch that day. The food might have not digested when I had this for dinner.

(3.5/5 Ratings) The Catfish With Sour Sauce was recommended by our server. She said this was their most "ordered" plate. She was right, this was pretty good out of all the things we ordered! This also tasted better the next day! I'm beginning to doubt my first judgment :]

(3/5 Ratings) The Beef Salad, what a disappointment! I didn't like it much. I had better beef salad at other places. I'm such a 'beef salad' type of girl--always order this everywhere! But this place was just okay.

(4.2/5 Ratings) Yay! My favorite dish of the night, the Coconut Soup With Seafood. It was perfect in every way. The mixture of the coconut juice and there seafood is so different, yet so refreshing. I do recommend this dish.

(3/5 Ratings) Pad Thai was ....... um.... passable. Didn't like it much

The rice pot 

(3.6/5 Ratings) Free Fried Bananas! Anything Free is always good,
 but this was truly delicious.

(2.6/5 Ratings) Free Green Tea Ice Cream was okay. 
The Japanese's green tea ice cream at Onami is still the best.

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