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Contemporary Kitchen Designs Arclinea
Arclinea‘s mission is to harmonize creativity and technology, conviviality and functionality, through innovative solutions for spaces that improve our quality of life. Arclinea: where the kitchen is the home, it is the home which revolves around the kitchen. Check out these dream contemporary kitchen designs.
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With Spatia the kitchen is increasingly the centre of the home. A kitchen that evolves and becomes discreet. Bringing a new angle to interiors, pushing living horizons to conceal its functions, Spatia elegantly and harmoniously suggests a modern landscape for the home.

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The main players of Lignum et Lapis are stone and wood: materials that enhance exclusive design and project creativity. Formal and technological research lies at the basis of islands, worktops and workbenches in stone: true physical industrial sculptures.

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Italia is a professional kitchen for the home, perfect for home chefs who want to experience restaurant-style performance within their own four walls.

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Convivium is open living space, a kitchen as an organised area, where solutions are the outcome of their location, the true centre for rapport between the cook and the others.

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Gamma by Arclinea is the totally modern kitchen concept that is now part of the Arclinea Collection, expanding the range and providing simple, flexible, clear answers to the most up-to-date, diverse design needs. It teams the primary values of Arclinea – quality, functionality, customisation and socialising – with a huge selection of finishes, almost unlimited potential combinations and a wide range of prices.

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