Monday, June 18

♥ Day 2 In Montreal

Their Location:
 387 Rue Bernard Ouest  Montreal, QC H2V 1T6, Canada
Create a place with a soul is always a goal that never seems to end

Their Concept
We always try to keep our delicacy touch since the opening of Maiko Sushi in 1997. Our priories always have been the atmosphere, the welcoming and the little gestures. But fineness and beauty of our dishes; also the decor and quality of service are part of a higher standard.

Their Team:
The Chef Maiko with sous-chefs and staff are truly grateful to count on their culinary lovers 
to push them to go way beyond.

Truite Sashimi

Scallop With Uni Sauce

The Scallops, topped and baked with Maiko's secret sauce

Fish eggs! Delicious

Lobster Rolls

The Rolls embedded with baked lobsters
Lobster Tails 

Foie Gras

Pan-fried "foei gras," Maiko's Style, served on sushi with fresh and 
delicious blueberries, strawberries, and lychee

Agedashi Tofu

Golden Brown Friend bean curds, topped with Bonita flakes and green onion, 
dipped in Maiko's tempura sauce

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