Thursday, June 14

♥ Pigging Out in Redondo Beach

Hello everyone,

First of all, sorry for being MIA for the last 10 weeks, 3 MONTHS or half a YEAR!!!! OH-OKAY, I'm exaggerating!! To be accurate, it was about a month! After finishing with my school, I hopped on the plane and explored the East Coast like there is no tomorrow!! My first destination was Montreal then I headed to New York, Connecticut, Kentucky, Vegas, then back home! I had soo much fun and took tons of foodtography! I can't wait to share it with you guys on my next next entries. Sorrryy that I couldn't edit and upload the pictures as I go cuz I forgot my laptop at home :(

However, on today's post, I will show you what I did before I left LA. This is my last meal before I headed out to Montreal. I kinda went a little crazy on the food and the photography!

P.s. I will be posting a DIET PLAN on my next entry too! CUZ I literally GAINED 15 pounds from my TRIP! I'm currently on a STRICT DIET!!!!! That mean, no more late night cravings or massive brunch, lunch, and dinner for the next 3 weeks!

 Redondo Beach is soo beautiful during the day. I went to "Quality Seafood Market" with my family for some fresh seafood. It was definitely worth the drive and wait :]

 Frozen shrimps, lobsters, and crab legs

 H-E-A-V-E-N for me ....

 The bigger the better! TRUE TO THAT!

 Fresh Crabs! They will pick and boil them at the spot

 Male vs. Female Crabs
Male: bigger with more meat
Female: smaller but has eggs

 Different types of clams ...

 Fresh and Cheap TUATUA CLAMS

 Also sell different types of fishes 

 Sea Urchins ($16 for one)

 Expensive, but so mouth watering ...

 Fresh Octopus! 

 Also fresh squids

 Kinda weird, but they do sell red velvet cupcakes and brownies HERE! I didn't try it, cuz this is a SEAFOOD MARKET after all .....

Unbeatable--red velvet cupcakes for 2 dollars

 Sashimi anyone?

 These lobster tails are the biggest that I've ever seen

 premade seafood goodies

finger foods

 Clam chowder is a MUST!

 Even my nephew, Tigrou, is drooling from far away ...

 waiting patiently for the food to come :)

 Sea URCHIN!!!! It was still moving when I ate the inside!!! OMG!

When it comes to SEAFOOD, I need my BlueMoon and my COKE :] 


 Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Crabs

The meat was so tender and soft!

  The oysters here were a little bite smaller than the usual! Fresh, but I didn't think it was as good as the one at Boiling Crab.

 OMG! this Garlic Butter Shrimps were SO GOOD! We devoured everything in 5 minutes or LESS...

 Look how much meat is in the leg

 yummmm  ...

The cutest couple EVER-- my brother in law and sister

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