Sunday, April 29

♥ Antique and Craft Fairs

 Hello everyone! How was your Saturday? Mine was very fulfilling--tutoring, food fair, and a wedding. So, I checked out the Antique and Craft Fairs in Irvine. Visit their website for more infos.

The Antique and Craft Fairs contains many mini events: learn how to grow pumpkin seeds, to make jams from scratch, taste food, learn about wine, buy fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, eat food trucks, admire arts, and of course, ride the carousel.

I enjoyed the food at each booth, but they were very pricy for a small portion!!!! Some dishes were eyes popping, some were mediocre, and one was disappointing.

Let's start the CURIOUS TASTING with me ... 

This was the first booth that I saw, though I didn't try it! Regretted now ....

 (5/5 ratings) I came across a familiar booth, Mochilato, and didn't know that they carry Beard Papa's cream puffs! When I was in Toronto, Canada, stampede of people were fighting in lines for these! I thought Canadians were just plain weird! BUT after devouring these cream puffs, I UNDERSTOOD CRYSTAL CLEAR!!! One word to describe these: unbelievable!

 (4.5/5 Ratings) After the cream puffs, I was in thirst! Coconut Juice seemed ideally! I would've given this 5 stars, but they didn't have spoons for the coconut meat!? Are they out of their minds? The best part of any coconut is the COCONUT MEAT! I was pretty depressed after slipping up all the juice and had to wave bye bye to the meat part :(

 Hellos and Bye Byes to the ... coconut meat

 (2/5 Ratings) All I will say is "looks can be hella deceiving!" and it cost me 3 dollars for one bread stick!

(2.6/5 Ratings) Mediocre! This is too healthy and organic for me 

 The vegetables are so fresh! This is also where Farmer's Market is located every Saturdays

Gotta go GREEN sometimes ...

KUDOS to the Purple carrots! This is my first time seeing non-orange carrots.

(4/5 Ratings) Grrr.... I forgot the name of the truck and the taco! But it was amazing!! Taco-fever had just struck me again!

(4.5 / Ratings) The Mushroom Tacos with extra avocados! AMAZING! No meat, but amazing!

(5/5 ratings) Kogi's truck is known for their Korean/Mexican fusion of tacos and burritos. I got the Korean BBQ Tacos and the Spicy Chicken Taco.

Either I was supper hungry, or I'm being very bias as an Asian. I instantly gave this 5 stars, no question asked. A very interesting combination, but somehow works

What do you think this is? TAKE A GUESS? Highlight this part for the answer -> [ This is a sun oven! The oven uses the reflectors to reflect the sunlight into the oven! The thermometer read 200 Celsius.] AMAZING RIGHT?

(5/5 ratings) I, then, ended my food tasting journey with two scoops of HOMEMADE Strawberry ice cream! So creamy and thick! Best ice cream that I had so far.... in the longest time.

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