Thursday, April 5

♥ Reviews: Proteins&Greens


My Overall Ratings: 4/5

Review by: Sunflower

Still a vegetarian, I search all over Vegas for the best vegetarian/vegan place! HALLELUJAH~~~ Greens&Proteins is officially my favorite crib for vegetarian food in Vegas! Everything is so fresh and clean here :] The only downside is the price, BUT i would totally pay some extra mullas for the organic taste! THUMB UP~

The place is very easy to find with a GPS. It is, however, every far from the strip. I adore the interior design--very GREEN, OPEN, and CLEAN.

  • (2/5 ratings) Make Your Own Plate-- i got the Marinated Tofu + Brown Rice + Tomatoes + Avocado--it was average, nothing special.... Kinda regret getting it :(
  • (4.5/5 ratings) Well Fitness Smoothie! Holly molly... It's so pricey but it's so worrrtthhhhh it ;]

  • (5/5 ratings) The Vegan Pizza! EVEN if you are not a VEGAN.... YOU SHOULD TRY IT! all the flavors literally explode in your mouth with every bite! I will be back (very soon) for this one! I'm actually craving for it right now :0

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