Saturday, April 21

♥ Urth Cafe

My Overal Ratings: 3/5
By: Sunflower

First of all, this place is way too HYPED on Yelp!!!! I'm not too please with the food, but absolutely adore the drinks. The lines are long, however, it moves rather fast. It's like Carls Jr. --you order, they give you a number, you find your own table, and they bring out your orders. It's very crowded during lunch time and the weekends, beware.

(3/5 Ratings) Panini Prosciutto, their famous panini, tasted like blah! I didn't like it at all, however, the salad made up for the lost. Between Panini cafe and Urth Cafe, I gotta pick Panini Cafe.

(3.8/ 5 ratings) The vegetarian soup was sightly better than the panini, but I  got bored after few spoons.

(5/5 ratings) Spanish Latte, their signature, is amazing! Perfect in every single way! I'm in love!

(4.8/ 5 ratings) The Thai Latte is also amazing, but just a little too sweet for me.

I will give this place another try, next time. For now, it's still a 3-star restaurant. What do you guys think? any recommendation for next time?

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