Friday, April 27

♥ Fukada


My Overall Ratings: 4.6 / 5 
Review: Sunflower

Their wine and alcohol collections--very organized. And very impressive for a small Japanese restaurant

Close up of the the wine bottles

(3.5/5 ratings) We got the Cold Tofu as an appetizer. Tofu will always be tofu! So basically, 3 stars for not being an ASTONISHING appetizer! This dish is very basic-- cold, soft tofu with smashed up ginger, cut-up green onions, and dried Nori.   

(5/5 ratings) The Seared Tuna is what LIFE IS ALL ABOUT!--compete and content. The tuna is cooked just enough so the fishy smell/taste disappear completely. For this Japanese dish, the sauce is soo Western that I had to grab the waiter for an answer! The secret lies within the pepper and onion dressing and the hidden vinaigrette onions at the bottom. This dish completely set my world into fire-amazing! I will definitely come back for more.

(4.5/5 Ratings) The Sansai Udon, their specialty, is also amazing. I never had this type of udon before. The udon is very different from the thicker udons that I always get or had. The chef is so meticulous that the udon is perfect--not too hard nor too soft! The udon is in its best condition when served!! The soup base is so favorable and lacks MGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THUMB UP!

Only greens, but still tasted so good .....

(4.8/5 ratings) The Brown Rice with Chicken is mouth dropping. You have the choice of getting the brown or white rice, but I chose brown rice for health and personal preferences. This is a MUST-TRY item.

The chicken is soo tender with the beat-up eggs

(4/5 ratings) The Seafood Salad, Yelper's favorite, is also tasty. This salad uses the same sauce and ingredients as the Seared Tuna's. Between the two dishes, I personally like the Seared Tuna better. This "seafood" salad contains all of our favorite sea creatures: crab, tuna, and salmon. 

Yum yum yum ... 


The design is very simple and clean and the service is friendly and respectful. I do recommend this place for all those udons + raw seafood eaters.

- Enjoy your meal

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