Saturday, April 7

♥ Reviews: Kicking Crab

My Overall Ratings: 4/5

Review by: Sunflower

  • (4/5 Ratings) Combination #1: C1 includes 3 pounds of anything you want (crawfish, clams, or shrimps). However, I recommend to get the shrimps or the crawfish only because the clamps shells are very heavy and sometimes are missing in action. Meaning, you will only find shells and no clamp meats at all. Also, it comes with 2 corns, 2 potatoes, and 4 sauces. All of these good stuff are only for 30bucks! Sorry Boiling Crab, Kicking Crab is really kicking the crap out of your business. Go easy on the spice--but get spicy or extra spicy if you DARE to commit suicide !!!

  • (3/5 ratings) Garlic Noodles melt in your mouth like ice cream on a sizzling summer day ;] It's good, but I feel like it's definitely missing something! MAYBE not enough garlic? nor not enough butter? But something ain't complete when I eat these.

  • (3.5/5 ratings) The Chicken Wings are definitely a complements to the whole meal. It's always sizzling hot when it's served with ranched or requested butter sauce (extra $.25). I had better chicken wings, but this is pretty different in an Asian way ;]

  • (3.8/5 ratings) Do try the Cajun shrimp taco!!! This is a MUST! You don't find any other crawfish joint with these kind of food! I love the shrimps + mayonnaise/ketchup sauce + and bell peppers. The only downside are the portions! It's pretty pricy for 4 little tacos :(

  • (2/5 ratings) I do love oysters, but not the oysters here! I feel like it's not fresh as it can or supposed to be. Try oysters are Redondo Beach.... you won't regret it.
  • (4/5 ratings) Everything is perfect about this Cajun Fries--perfect seasoning, perfect oily-ness, perfect sauce.

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