Thursday, April 26

♥ My Vi Gia #2

My Overall Ratings: 4/5
Review: Sunflower

 I always order the My Dac Biet Kho (House Special Noddle, Dry Style). You can choose between dry or wet, meaning that they will separate your soup with the noodles or combine it. TRY:  sprinkle some black peppers in your soup.

 (5/5 ratings) I love love love the house special sauce and the abundant seafood, but ESPECIALLY the quail egg, yum yum yum. Warning: MSG ALERT!

 House Special Dry Noodles includes egg noodles (yellow kind), quail eggs, shrimps, squid, fish ball, liver, fried pork skin, and some greens

 close up picture

I love their noodles, but the service can be rude at times and the kitchen seems very dirty!!! For those germaphobic, this place is not for you. Sorry :(

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