Monday, April 23

♥ California Shabu Shabu

My Overall Ratings: 3.8/5
Review: Sunflower

Amy, my oldest friend, and I finally met up--we seriously had lots of catching up to do. Amy chose Shabu Shabu and it was an excellent pick. The ambiance was modern, but kinda crowded with elbows-touching-elbows tables. I've been to the other location, Fountain Valley, and wasn't fond of it. I'm very picky with my shabu shabus cause I literally tried everywhere already! Surprisingly, this location did its part. I enjoyed my meals and the gossips.

 (5/5 ratings) The beef is always so fresh and vibrant here. I love how they cut the meat in front of you, instead of in the back (shady right?). Also, the beef are sliced so thin that it cooks in a split of a second. 

 Look at the vibrant color ...

 (3/5 Ratings) Their Vegetables are somewhat limited for a shabu shabu house, but on another hand, it is very fresh and clean.

 (2/5 ratings) The Soup Base is mainly water and two pieces of seaweeds! You, seriously, need some mad skills to turn this water into an edible soup base. Therefore, 2 stars are deducted.

 (4.5/5 ratings) Drafted Beer is so tasty with this Shabu! Don't drink water, it's not worth it. Try some Japanese sake or drafted beers.

-Enjoy Shabu-ing with your friends + family 

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