Saturday, April 7

♥ Reviews: 7 Leaves


My Overall Ratings: 4/5

Review by: Sunflower

I love 7 Leaves for their drinks and flamboyant boys *wink* Anyways, let's get down to business. 7 leaves Cafe--more like a boba place, not much like a sit down/calm cafe place. They are rather new, but attracted a lot of attention for their Organic Teas! I gotta say, I'm a fan from the first day already! Counting cups, I've probably drank more than 100+ cups in these 3 months!

  • (4.4/5 ratings) hands down for their SEA CREAM JASMINE TEA!!! The tea has a touch of baked tulips, the sea cream gives a fattening/salty kick to your tongue, and the green tea matcha unites everything together :]

  • (3/5 ratings) Their House Special Coffee is the talk of this town! This coffee resembles very closely to Gala's Coffee & Sandwiches! Personally, I like Gala's better! I tried their house coffee 3 times and got a stomach ache 3 times .... @_@!

  • (3.6/5 ratings) Not the best Thai Tea, but it's passable. It's a very different thai tea from Thailand, of course. This thai tea is a little bit sweeter than usually ... I do recommend to try this thai tea with light sea cream! It will have that kick to your mouth. Enjoy :)

  • (3/5 ratings) Black Halo: Not a big fan of these herbal drinks....

  • (3.5/5 ratings) Mung Bean: If you look on yelp, all of the yelpers are raving over this drink! Personally, it's good, but if you didn't taste the one's at Gala! Gala's Mung bean is much better and less diluted down!
  • (3/5 ratings) 7 Leave's Herbal Drinks tastes similar to Luc Dinh Ky's herbal Drinks!! But 7 Leave's is more healthier--less sugar and more sugar cane.

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