Monday, April 30

♥ All Hyped Up For Nothing

My Overall Ratings: 2.2
Review: Sunflower

Seriously, what is all the hype about? Class 302, ripped one of Jay Chou's songs and used it as their name, nothing but a mediocre cafe. After reading many mixed reviews on Yelp, I expected both the best and the worst. As an optimistic person, I chose to be positive and hope for the best! First off, the service is definitely a miss. The girl was plain out RUDE! She didn't say anything rude, but her attitude was really pissing me off! Also, the food was OK-AY! Nothing Nothing NOTHING SPECIAL! I rather drive up to Arcadia or Rowland Heights for better Taiwanese foods. Last, the decorating is not "as cute" as most people said it to be. The decorating is somewhat messy and ghetto! The tables are small and wobbly! The only "cute" part is the name. (oops, sorry about the rant) Also, I don't want to break anyone's bubble, but CLASS 302 USES FROZEN FOOD! According to one of their ex-workers, all of their food are NOT FRESH, but FROZEN! They microwave the food upon request.

 (3/5 Ratings) The Spring Rolls was average. Nothing special!

 (3/5 Ratings) The Spicy Beef is supposedly one of their MUST-TRY dishes here! 
Oh please! This is worst than my Thai Instant Noodles at home.

 (4.2/5 Ratings) This was the best dish of the day, the Cold Tofu with 1000 year old eggs. The Tofu was silky and soft, the sauce was perfect, the shredded pork was sweet, and the 100 year old eggs were amazing.

 (0/5 Ratings) Oysters Omelet!  I don't usually reject food for any reasons, 
but I gotta say "Adios" to this omelet!


 (4/5 Ratings) At least I finished off with something decent, the Shaved Ice
This was almost the best part of the meal, but still lacks some flavor.

Strawberries + Grass Jelly + Red Beans were my favorite


           -Lesson Learned,
 Don't Follow the HYPE!

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